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Frukostseminarium - två Londonforskare till Stockholm


: Forskarseminarium - två Londonforskare till Stockholm

Välkommen på publikt forskarseminarium, Handelshögskolan i Stockholm

Tid: 18 mars, kl 8.30-9.30 Frukost serveras från kl 8:00.
Plats: Stockholm, Handelshögskolan, Sveavägen 65
Talare: Simona Botti och David Faro, båda från London Business School (föredragen hålls på engelska).

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Professor Simona Botti and professor David Faro, both from London Business School, will talk about two ongoing research projects, addressing important managerial and consumer outcomes.

The first project examines how evaluating managers’ performance based on outcome (versus process) affects their risk-taking. We find that evaluation by outcome tends to reduce risk-taking even when risk is justifiable and desirable for the organization. However, we also show that in some predictable conditions outcome focus can result in excessive risk-taking and suggest strategies to counteract this.

The second project explores the phenomenon of choice closure, a psychological process whereby consumers come to perceive a past decision as complete and limit comparisons between the chosen and the forgone options. We find that choice closure helps consumers overcome the negative consequences of making difficult or suboptimal choices and increases their satisfaction. We close with opportunities to involve this process in everyday consumer interactions.

Seminariet är en del av forskarskolan, och Simona Botti och David Faro kommer att undervisa i kurs nummer 2.

Läs mer om forskarskolan, som Handelsrådet är med och finansierar här.

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